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Effective dyslexia remediation specifically designed for older struggling readers (age 7+).

Four Dimensions of Emotional Intelligence

Article by Matthew Lynch. Published in The Edvocate (Sep 2, 2015).

Emotional intelligence is different from general or common intelligence. It's the ability of an individual to monitor their own emotions, to monitor the emotions of others, to understand the differences between them, and to use all of this information in order to guide their actions. This is about accurately understanding the emotions of oneself and others, as well as expressing emotions in a way that's accessible.

A high level of emotional intelligence is an essential aspect of learning. The ability to develop the skill... READ ON: Read the full article here.

DYNAREAD: Grounded in Reality

Photo of a soldier and his family.

Dynaread has been developed in the trenches of actual remediation, with our feet firmly planted on the ground. Scientific research is essential (and we consistently use it), but we also understand the realities at home and in school. Not all homes have two parents, not all Dad's or Mom's are always home, there is oftentimes no money, schools lack staff or funding. We listen, we observe, we discuss, and we build the best solutions we can for older (ages 7+) struggling readers.

Collage depicting Core Values

quote-sign Our Dynaread team members are required to hold themselves accountable for serving our clients in adherence with our core values...

Contribute with scientific and overall integrity.
Retain the focus on the needs of each individual child.

Photo showing holding hands: Helping Children Together.