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Effective dyslexia remediation specifically designed for older struggling readers (age 7+).

About our (SDCA) Dyslexia Test

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To measure is to know. At this moment in time, less than 20 States or Provinces in North America recognize Dyslexia as learning disability. Yet, reputable scientific research evidences Dyslexia to be the #1 prevalent learning disability, affecting 10% of children. Testing is very important to ascertain children can reach their full potential, and avoid the serious risks associated with low literacy in adolescence (see Should I Test my Child for Dyslexia).

The strength of SDCA Dyslexia Testing

The SDCA Dyslexia Test sets the standard in Dyslexia Testing. No other test (paid or free) provides you with as much insight and answers following such a short test. Why? Because we do things a little different than most. Using solid scientific methods of testing, the difference is in the measuring. SDCA stands for Standardized Diagnostic Comparative Analysis.

  • Standardized — Our testing is standardized, and administered and evaluated consistently.
  • Diagnostic — We use rigid scientific means to not simply see WHAT is going on, but WHY. Why is much more insightful than WHAT.
  • Comparative — Most testing methodologies compare with sound and proper performance. The only thing that tells you is that your child struggles with reading (which you already knew). We compare your child with our database of previously tested struggling readers.
  • Analysis — The S, D, and C above allow us to get to the bottom of your child's struggles. The SDCA Test allows us to analyse WHY your child struggles, as well as to what extend in comparison to other same-age struggling readers.

A Free Service! Free for you... But it actually costs a lot of money

Don't think: It's free so it must be nothing. Quite the contrary. The SDCA Dyslexia Test actually has costs us a lot of money to develop, and it obviously also costs us money to make it available on a premier Dynaread hosting network operating multiple servers worldwide, and have Resident Academic staff review your test. This is all paid for by the revenues of IT work our expert IT team performs for third parties. We work hard to keep your test free of charge. See it as our contribution not only to your child, but to the 90% of struggling readers in our schools today who are not being tested, nor helped. Our IT team offers specialist products such as BP Metrics, as well as more generic IT services to a select group of businesses. If you have Internet/IT needs, we'd love to talk to you. Last but not least: A host of companies stands shoulder to shoulder with us in our efforts to help obliterate adolescent low literacy (see our page Footer). Yes, the SDCA Dyslexia Test is free for you. But it is also a costly, high-end, mature, professional piece of work: Helping children succeed.

What is Dyslexia

Watch a 10 min video explaining very clearly what Dyslexia is, and how it affects your child.

Definition of Dyslexia

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quote-sign Dyslexia is a specific learning disability that is neurological in origin.

It is characterized by difficulties with accurate and / or fluent word recognition and by poor spelling and decoding abilities. These difficulties typically result from a deficit in the phonological component of language that is often unexpected in relation to other cognitive abilities and the provision of effective classroom instruction. Secondary consequences may include problems in reading comprehension and reduced reading experience that can impede growth of vocabulary and background knowledge.