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Effective dyslexia remediation specifically designed for older struggling readers (age 7+).

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DYNAREAD is the only program specifically designed for older struggling readers. No other program delivers a faster "I CAN READ" experience than Dynaread.

Enjoy unlimited responsive support by our small but super dedicated support team.

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solid 4.86 stars out of 70
4.86 Stars from 70+ Reviews
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  • Comprehensive 18 month curriculum
  • Achieve functional literacy
  • Immediately expanding reading vocabulary
  • Recover self-confidence
  • Student can (mostly) work on their own
  • Build reading fluency & comprehension
  • Recover motivation to learn to read
  • Unlimited Expert Support
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Subscriptions may be cancelled any time.
  • 24x7 Unlimited Access (No Expiry Date)
  • 195 Structured Lessons
  • Entirely Online: No downloads or Installs
  • Student can (mostly) work on their own
  • Unlimited Expert Support
  • Learning to read by reading!
  • Solid 4.86 stars from 70+ Reviews solid 4.86 stars out of 70+ Reviews
  • Video Testimonial

    quote-sign Enormous difference in his ability to work.

    Marilyn Sommer
    Ontario, Canada

    quote-sign I finally found something that works for my son after trying so many other methods. The feedback and immediate help is so encouraging!

    Homeschool Mom

    quote-sign I am a remedial/learning support teacher and was becoming frustrated at my own and other professionals attempts to help my daughter. She was an older struggling reader and Dynaread's non-fictional content was interesting and relevant to her. She made great progress utilizing this program on a daily basis and we are both very relieved and excited about that. [Note from Dynaread: This review was written on the day the daughter completed our program. We give her a big thumbs up].


    quote-sign I have found this program to be person friendly and easy to maneuver through. I don't have to go out and buy a lot of materials; everything I need is built into the program. All the components are there for your child to succeed. And better yet it works! I give it 5 stars.

    Olivia Miller

    The above testimonies represent only a very small selection of our many solid 4.7 stars average Reviews solid 4.7 stars out of 5

quote-sign There is nothing to install (nor ship). Dynaread is a cloud-based program. Simply sign-up below, and you're ready to go. All you need is an Internet-connected PC or MAC with speakers or headset. Your child can work from anywhere. Some of our modules are also compatible with mobile devices.

quote-sign The program is easy to learn. We designed Dynaread with the explicit purpose to allow children to work with it mostly on their own. Having said that, learn-to-read remediation is serious business! We do strongly encourage parents/teachers to work with your child during the first week or two, to bring them to comfort and proper usage. Once there, they can do most of the work by themselves.

quote-sign We recommend establishing a routine to allow your child to work with the program one session a day (25 min). Do this, and you will allow your child to make good progress.

quote-sign Our users rate the quality of our support very high. We are open and reachable by support ticket or phone call during office hours (Mountain Time Zone). We take pride in our support as we take the success of your child very serious. We have a strong in-house team of reading and learning disabilities specialists who are at your avail to shoulder up, think along, and find solutions. This service doesn't stop when you complete our course. We're there all the way: Both for your child and for you! We care!

quote-sign Reading struggles are very painful for a child. They often don't express it, but research and our field experience make this abundantly evident. Don't wait: Start today and give your child hope and confidence. A vacation with confidence is must better than a vacation in which the onset of a new school season hangs over their heads like a dark cloud.

quote-sign If they could, you'd most likely not be searching for help. Dyslexia Advocacy is probably still 15 years away from the point that Elementary Schools at large are well-equipped. Fact today is that the vast majority of schools simply lack the structure, resources, and even expertise to adequately help older struggling readers. Don't hear us wrong. We work with schools and know schools that do an excellent job. Those that don't, do not fail out of disinterest. Virtually all teachers love children and love to help them. But dyslexia advocacy is sadly still in its infancy. So don't blame your school, but please also do not blindly assume that your school will or even can solve your child's reading struggles. Again: if they could, you'd most likely not be searching for help.

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