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Effective dyslexia remediation specifically designed for older struggling readers (age 7+).

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About Reading, DYSLEXIA, and Remediation of Older Children (7+)

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Why this course - With research indicating a 5-20% prevalence of Dyslexia, encountering struggling readers in class is a reality. Knowing how to identify them, understand them, and provide adequate help is of tremendous value.

These children face serious risks. Research indicates that 10% of children have dyslexia (reseach figures range from 5-20%). The chilling facts...

  • 60% of inmates in prisons are low literate;
  • 83% of street youths in Toronto are low literate;
  • 90% of adolescent suicides showed language deficiencies congruent with dyslexia.

References: (scroll down to Vulnerabilities)

Our self-study course will better equip you to understand these children and help them reach their full potential.

About the Course Text Books

Covers of the three course text books
We carefully selected three textbooks, each approaching the topics from different angles, and all of them written/edited by Dyslexia authorities in Science.

Understanding Dyslexia and Other Learning Disabilities shares us valueable viewpoints on educational failures and reflects on opportunities. It covers an area of historic examples of individual struggles, each with their own type(s) of learning challenges.
Author: Linda Siegel PhD.
The Science of Reading offers outstanding reviews on reading research produced by leading scientists in the field.
Editors: Margaret J. Snowling PhD; Charles Hulme PhD.
Dyslexia, Learning, and the Brain discusses the challenges of Dyslexia from a very wide scientific perspective, including issues of how we learn (neurologically).
Authors: Rod I. Nicholson PhD; Angela Fawcett PhD.

The course is build around a guided process of self-study in three carefully selected eBooks. The materials represent a perfect blend of practical experience insights in Learning Disabilities related to Reading, updating you on key scientific understanding pertaining Reading and Dyslexia, and equipping you to better relate to each of your struggling students.
This course is not formally accredited to keep costs low.

Is this Course for You?

We recommend this course to all professional full-time and part-time teachers, as well as formal or informal learning assistants eager to get better equipped to help children with dyslexia.

What is the course format?

We shaped the course to fit the needs of teachers and leaning assistants who are at work, in the trenches of special sercives education. You can commence at any time and study on your own. You will receive a reading schedule which guides you through the text books. Following each book, you will receive an invite to an online exam. These exams are written from the objective to further equip you and help you succeed. You'll receive a certificate following each successful exam. Following completion of all three exams, we will schedule a (web)meeting to discuss lessons learned. Upon completion we provide you with a Course Certificate.

What does it cost?

Total course cost is $225. At Dynaread, our passion is HELPING CHILDREN SUCCEED ™. We do our utmost to keep costs stringently under control to keep effective remediation affordable. This course is another example of our commitment to you and to our efforts to help children. Here is a breakdown of the $225.

  • $75 - Three (3) Amazon Kindle books.
  • $150 - Dynaread fee for course creation, examination, (web)meeting, certification.


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Individual Reviews

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The exams were well constructed and contained a lot of very practical based questions. The questions were closely related to the problems that we as teachers face on a day to day basis. I learnt a lot from taking these exams. As the maxim goes: To be a good teacher you have to first be a good learner. Dynaread has taught me well.

Reviewed by Sophia

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Received my last exam certificate today. This course helped me to know what Dyslexia really means, the problems faced by such children, remedial measures, and professional guidelines. Thank you for this course!

Reviewed by Mary Mathai

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The study of the book 'The Science of Reading' enables me to think wider and reach deeper into the aspects of disabled/ deformed or dyslexic children, thereby searching for the measures that can be adopted for their upliftment. This study helped me to identify such learners to a great extent. With the acquired knowledge, I could approach such students with a different insight and try to solve their problems or meet their requirements better and easier than before.

Reviewed by Anita Handa

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Dynaread has helped me to understand my students and own children better than before. It has confirmed my belief that no two kids are same in learning or portraying skills. Each child has an innate ability to be superior in at least one area of life. My perspective towards looking at individuals has changed for the better. Teaching seems to be more fruitful now than ever before and a desire to reach out to children and youth of all types and motivate them is on my mind. Thank you Dynaread and Mr Hans for sharing this course with me for a minimal fee and making it so convenient for me and many others. May God bless Dynaread in all its endeavours!

Reviewed by Lucy Flavia D'Souza

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I have done the course myself, and welcomed a number of teachers as well to do it with me. It was a fantastic experience getting teachers to know so much about dyslexia. The learning changed attitudes of many teachers towards children with dyslexia. The first exam was very practical. The second one was a little heavy for our busy teachers (but I guess it is required). This course is a good attempt to get teachers interested in the subject a spread awareness of Dyslexia in our community.

Reviewed by Tony

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I am grateful for this course's opportunity to properly study up on dyslexia. I had absolutely no idea about dyslexia but this course has given me a clear picture on one of the most prevailing learning disabilities of children. Through this course I am now able to understand better the needs and feelings of not only children with dyslexia, but even others with different disabilities and even the slow learners. I now feel equipped to help them effectively in areas of reading and writing problems and help them to cope with their studies through appropriate encouragement and reinforcement. Overall, this course helped me to be a better teacher with deeper understanding.

Reviewed by Lenita Lobo

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By pursuing this course I must say I have gained a lot of knowledge when it comes to identifying a child with a reading problem. But I would appreciate this course even more if it covered a little more on remediation and further treatment. *** NOTE from DYNAREAD: Mrs. Mendes had not yet engaged the final module, which do cover those actual remediation and further treatment.

Reviewed by Sarina Colleen Mendes

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This course has been an eye opening for me. Today I am aware much deeper that these problem do exist among children and that timely care and attention can go a long way in helping them. I have understood that dyslexia is a neurological problem and such children need to be patiently dealt with. Proper training will really help them in life and they never have to feel lagging behind. Early Detection = Better Care. Work done by Dynaread is praise worthy.

Reviewed by Sini Boby

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This course helped me to understand what Dyslexia is and it showed me the problems faced by dyslexic children. I learned how we can identify the problem at an early stage and what remedial approaches exist. It covered the important topic of the need to support parents to accept the dyslexia of the child. Overall, I feel equipped to successfully work with these children.

Reviewed by Mary

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