Effective dyslexia remediation specifically designed for older struggling readers (age 7+).

Dynaread Dyslexia Pre-Screening App

Use this super-quick app to screen all underperforming children in your class or school.

Our team developed this app in response to a request of the India International Dyslexia Association. It has been tested extensively in the field and has demonstrated to be an excellent tool to quickly and efficiently identify which children should be assessed for Dyslexia.

App available as free download for Google/Apple

Simply go the online Google or Apple App stores and search for the Dyslexia Screening App by Dynaread. It's free.

PDF Download the Dyslexia Pre-Screening App (two pages, 1 mB)

The test is very easy to use. Teacher can simply quietly answer a few short questions, and subsequently do a very short reading test in order to verify whether further dyslexia screening is called for.

And as always: Our team is here to help (free of charge).

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What is Dyslexia

Watch a 10 min video explaining very clearly what Dyslexia is, and how it affects your child.