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High Reading Speed and its Role in Fluency

Mrs. Zvia Breznits PhD is a Neurocognitive Research Professor at the University of Haifa, Israel. Her focus is on investigating brain and language using electrophysiological (ERP-LORETA) techniques.

Reading is a profoundly complex cognitive task, requiring—among many other things—hyper-precise synchronization of multiple sensory and cognitive processes.

Think of sensory processes as microphone hardware (our ears) and camera hardware (our eyes), camera tracking hardware (the muscles moving our eyes left to right and up and down, as well as focus).
Cognitive processes are the processes in the many parts of the brain involved in reading. Think of the control software of multiple different apps (to stick with the technology analogy).

These different processes, both sensory and cognitive, all need to be perfectly synchronized and harmonized timing-wise to deliver proper fluency.

Reading Speed Exercise

Take a piece of text, even this article if you want, and read it at the highest possible speed you can master. You will discover that your top reading speed lies much higher than what you normally do. Reading at this hyper-pace makes the room for synchronization errors mighty small. Practising super fast reading speeds can possibly be beneficial in improving our brain's reading performance. It obviously is not a fix for dyslexia, but it may for some children prove to be a useful exercise.

If your child is in Dynaread, please only ask your child to hyper-speed read on lesson texts which they have fully mastered (Print version solidly marked A-Level). It doesn't matter if they train with the selfsame text. Its the synchronization of processes we're after.

Related article

Can reading rate acceleration improve error monitoring and cognitive abilities underlying reading in adolescents with reading difficulties and in typical readers?
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Book Recommendation

If this field of science interests you, you may want to order her book Fluency in Reading: Synchronization in Processes.

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