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Managing ADD/ADHD: Tips and Advice

ADD/ADHD and Dyslexia: A common Comorbidity

By Hans Dekkers, Dynaread CEO/Founder.

It is not uncommon at all for children with Dyslexia to also wrestle with ADD/ADHD. It must be understood, however, that the experience of Dyslexia can be so nerve-wrecking for a child that they develop anxieties and neroticisms which may mimic core ADD/ADHD. Nevertheless, the Dyslexia & ADD/ADHD combination remains a common one. One of our friends at the Public Health Library ( provided us with a number of value links to articles on the topic of Managing ADD/ADHD.

Below each article I've added a few personal observations in italic.

Helping Your Teen Navigate ADHD on His Own Terms
The article offers ten tips or perspectives. Remember that every child is unique. Don't follow all ten of them, simply because they're listed. Follow your heart, and your loving knowledge of your child.

ADHD and Money Management (risks) This article is well worth reading and talking about with your adolescent. Some listed apps may likely be surpased by others, but thanks to this article you should be able to find appropriate resources.

Is It Old Age, or ADHD?
Very interesting article, covering a topic barely researched to date.

How Dogs Can Help People with ADD & ADHD
Very nice article on the value of having a pet. Most children grow up these days in City environments. This stands in stark difference with growing up on a farm. Children on a farm are used to chores, everybody pulling their weight. Chores bring the need for routine. Farms bring animals, and animals offer wonderful neutral relationships. This particular article talks about dogs. The same applies to owning horses (which is obviously more expensive). And then they talk about burning energy. Chores, fysical activity, and a pet friend... All very healthy suggestions.

10 Common Challenges and Best Practices for Teaching Students with ADHD
Useful article with practical tips for teachers.

ADHD and Addiction - What is the Risk?
Important article on a very important topic. With e.g. Marijuana being pushed today as "all good" in many jurisdictions, substance abuse is a constant threat. It must also be recognized that marijuana today contains around 60% more psychoactive contents than back in the 1970s, increasing the risks (read also this important science paper: Obviously marijuana is not the only addiction risk. This article provides some guidelines on recognizing signs of addictions, and also boosts several references to sound research papers.

How to Manage Employees with ADD/ADHD
Short article with some practical tips which can be applied outside of the office environment as well (think of school and homeschool settings).


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