Effective dyslexia remediation specifically designed for older struggling readers (age 7+).

Meet the Dynaread-IT Team

Special Education for older children is responsible business. These children have little emotional strength left to still try to learn to read. Schools are past teaching to read when a child is eight years old or older and typically have little budget available. Most private parents lack budget for expensive tutoring or over-priced online services. These realities demand the very best of us. We have worked long and hard to form the best possible team to deliver effective remediation at affordable prices.

Hans Dekkers, Founder/Chief Technology

Founder/Chief Technology

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Hans J.A. Dekkers

Hans has been working with Internet technology since the days of the first corporate and research intranets (1980's). As Fighter Weapons Instructor on RNLAF F-16 Combat Fighters he was immersed in cutting edge technologies, and that passion has remained ever since. After his Air Force, Missions, and KLM/Transavia Airlines career he switched to business consulting with a focus on Internet technologies. He founded and headed one of the first multinational eCommerce ventures aimed at bringing Tax-Structured eCommerce Solutions to larger multinationals. In the mid-90's he switched back to consulting SME's. Immigrated to BC Canada in 2004 and incorporated his current operating company. He has served clients with IT solutions on three continents.

Hans is together with his wife Rikki since 1982. They raise(d) five children. Home is Cranbrook, BC, Canada. The local community may know him as the organizor of the 2008 and 2011 Cranbrook Airshows.

IT Architecture
Programming skills in leading languages
Extensive project management experience

Senior Project Manager and HR

Mangesh Kagale

Mangesh and Hans have known each other and worked together since 2009. Up to Jan. 2013 Dynaread worked with freelance contracted IT, but had grown to justify operating her own full-time team. Hans discussed structuring options with Mangesh and they have been heading it off ever since. Mangesh project-managed several core-development projects on our Dynaread Special Education programs. He is a man of high integrity. Great passion for great causes, and great dedication to his team and clients. Mangesh is married and blessed with two children.

Mangesh performs Senior Project Management and Engineer HR responsibilities within Dynaread. He holds a Masters degree in Marketing and a BA in Commerce.

Internet Infrastructure
Human Resource Management - Engineers Team
Project Management
Hritik Jain, Senior Engineer

Senior Engineer

Hritik Jain

Hritik is one dedicated truthworthy gentleman. Hritik joined Dynaread full-time late 2013, and been promoted to Dynaread's Senior Engineer position mid-2014. He is responsible for development of complex solutions and delegation and supervision of more routine components by our other engineers.

He holds a degree in Computer Science .

Hritik loves to travel, loves gadgets and technology, and loves to help people: A true servant heart.

PHP, Ajax, JQuery, Javascript, CSS, HTML, MySql
PHP tools (Zend Framework, Smarty, Wordpress, Joomla, BigTree)
Magento Certified Engineer

System Administrator

Devendra Sisodia

Devendra adds vast system administration expertise to our team. He has worked with many top rated IT Web Hosting companies and data centers. He has provided server management support to many clients across USA, Canada, UK, and India.

Devendra joined Dynaread in 2013 and has been indispensible. His knowledge of both Dedicated Servers and Server networks, as well as Cloud Hosted Instance networks is fantastic.

He is married, and together they are blessed with a lovely child.

Certified Advanced Networking from ET&T
Microsoft Certified Professional [MCP]
Red Hat Certified Engineer [RHCE]
Red Hat Certified Security Specialist. [RHCSS]
cPanel, Plesk, Webmin, Esx, Zimbra, Virtuzzo, bind-dns, Apache, MySQL servers

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