Effective dyslexia remediation specifically designed for older struggling readers (age 7+).

Meet the Dynaread Management Team

Dynaread is family-owned and we're working hard to keep it that way. We believe in offering effective, science-based testing and remediation at affordable pricing. The family-owned model gives us that independence to keep the focus on scientific integrity, quality, and affordability, without any undue pressures to cut corners. Our passion is to help children succeed in reaching functional literacy. The risks and vulnerabilities adolescent low literate children face are what drives us. See our Scientific Library > Scroll down to Vulnerabilities. These realities drive our team.

Hans Dekkers, Dynaread Founder/CEO

Founder and CEO

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Hans J.A. Dekkers

Research, project initiation, and problem solving have formed a structural part of his entire career. Hans stumbled upon a nine-year-old functionally illiterate boy. His passion for problem solving combined with compassion and drew him into the world of Dyslexia. Hans' number one challenge was: How can we translate the latest of scientific understanding into an effective learn to read remediation method which can recover the loss of motivation, the ego damage and the deep frustration experienced by older struggling readers. As a general principle, but even more accutely so in the case of these more complex remediation scenarios of older struggling readers with years of consecutive failure behind them, remediation is only as effective as its application. Hans build a team of scientists with complimentary knowledge fields, plus curriculum authors and IT staff.

Hans is married and a grateful father of five - all home schooled, with the oldest three currently in University. Hans loves the Canadian Rockies outdoors, and you will find many pictures of his hikes on his social media.

Passion to fight illiteracy
Research and Innovation
Team Building

Chief Finance

Jaime Dekkers

Jaime has joined the Dynaread Management Team in August 2013. As Dynaread Bookkeeper, she has been working closely with Rahul Chopra CGA in her preparatory year prior to assuming her management role. Jaime demonstrated such know-how, audacity, and vision that we unanimously awarded her with the Finance responsibility. With rigorous budget control she warrants affordable remediation.

Rigorous Budget Control
C. Mark Wessinger PhD, Head of Science

Head of Science


C. Mark Wessinger PhD

Mark is Dynaread's Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology specialist. He heads our team of resident academics. He helps parents and teachers understand reading assessment results and potential intervention options. Mark performs ongoing literature research to further optimize Dynaread's language-based remediation with research evidence based components. He also performs specific research into fields pertaining to specific student issues. Mark brings more than 16 years of research and teaching experience in cognitive neuroscience and psychology to Dynaread.

Mark is also an avid sportsman, participating in high endurance mountain bicycle tours which would destroy most of us :-)