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Why don't I hear any sound in my Dynaread exercise?

This article contains information on what to do in the scenario that your computer speakers or headsets are not producing sound on DYNAREAD lesson modules. Listed below are possible issues and solutions.

Check your audio by listening to a YouTube video

Please go here and see if you can hear the beautiful Pan flute performance of André Rieu and Gheorghe Zamfir, performing The Lonely Shepherd.

If you did hear YouTube audio, but no Dynaread audio

If you did hear the pan flute, but are unable to hear Dynaread sounds, please first restart your computer. Test the YouTube link again. If you do not hear Dynaread audio, please access Dynaread using another major browser (Chrome, Edge, Explorer, Firefox, Safari) and try again.

If still no audio, please follow the following three steps...


  1. Make sure you are using the exact same computer and browser you use with Dynaread.
    After reading these three steps, click on this link
  2. After clicking the above link, you'll see a light blue button in the top right of the information area. It reads: SEND DETAILS. Make sure to FIRST enter your name and email address prior to clicking Send.
  3. Please CLICK that button and your system details will be send to Dynaread support.

Upon receipt of your system details we'll investigate further and report back to you.

If you did NOT hear YouTube audio

Please follow all steps below: The problem is not related to Dynaread.

Verify that the volume of the software is also turned up

Regardless of how high your system volume is set, if the volume in the software is turned down, your computer will not produce sound. The solution? Turn up the software/application volume.

Desktop external speakers turned down

This may seem obvious, however it is still a common cause for the computer not producing sound. The solution? Make sure the external speakers are powered up, and turn up the volume.

Laptops/tablets speakers turned down

When you are using a laptop with internal speakers, the volume can be adjusted using buttons on the keyboard, often in coordination with a key (generally the FN (function key) indicated with blue text).

Mute is On

Verify that Mute is off: Check the volume indicator (typically on the bottom right of the task bar).

Speakers are not connected properly

Laptops and tablets — You may skip this step because you cannot verify if the internal laptop speakers are properly connected.

Desktop computer — Verify that the speaker audio cable is connected to the appropriate audio jack, they are marked and color coded. The audio jacks are located on the back off the computer.

Verify that the speaker power cable is connected

Make sure the external speakers are powered on.

You may not have set the default speaker correctly

Navigate to Sound Settings and select the device that you wish to play audio from.

Other potential issues

Corrupt operating system files

Though extremely unlikely, if the audio was working and then stopped working, this could potentially be the cause. You can restore windows to a previous point to solve this issue. Use this approach as a last step. First restart your computer and follow all previous steps.

Bad audio card

If the issue is not software related it may be hardware related. You can try re-installing an audio driver or purchasing another Audio Card.

Faulty speakers

It is possible that the external speakers you are using are faulty and need to be replaced.

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