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Effective dyslexia remediation specifically designed for older struggling readers (age 7+).

Video: 30 min per day Summer School for your Struggling Reader

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Does your child struggling in reading? Looking for a Summer course or Summer school? Watch this short video together with your struggling reader, and consider starting Dynaread today. The video will explain why. We are here to help your child succeed.

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Video Testimonial

quote-sign They respect my child.

Arlene Schroh
BC, Canada

Video Testimonial

quote-sign Enormous difference in his ability to work.

Marilyn Sommer
Ontario, Canada


quote-sign I just wanted to let you know that Aiden is loving the Dynaread program and enthusiastically works at it two times a day. He is proud of his progress and finds the topics interesting. We are currently using it exclusively as his language program and supplementing it with additional cursive work using the readers as the written text.

Celene Jensen
Homeschooling Parent
Ontario, Canada


quote-sign We are very pleased with the progress our son has made in reading over the last six months. The time we were spending with our son, at home, trying to practice reading schoolbooks, only frustrated him. Since starting the program he has become more confident and he enjoys reading. He no longer sees reading fluently as something out of his reach. I would recommend Dynaread to any child struggling with reading.

Julissa Goodnough
British Columbia, Canada


quote-sign Dynaread is THE program for helping children with dyslexia learn to read. With its cutting edge technology and adaptability, it grows with your child as it teaches your child the joy of reading.

Annette Baal
Ontario, Canada