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Effective dyslexia remediation specifically designed for older struggling readers (age 7+).

Assistive Technology for Dyslexia

Dyslexia affects writing, reading, and organizational skills. Although intervention programs remain the primary tool in helping children with dyslexia, the use of assistive technology can help a child or student to progress academically. Please do note: These tools should never take the place of helping a child learn to read.


Solutions vary in price (from free of charge, to hundreds of dollars), and ability. Below we list several solutions available at the time of writing. Search for TTS Text to Speech solutions to find more.

Claro Software ( has integrated specially designed software into conventional apps found in iPhones, Android, Mac, and Windows computers, helping dyslexic individuals achieve independence and academic success. 

NaturalReader ( offers Text to Speech solutions, incl. a free tier.

ReaderPen ( offers scanning pens, which can be used to scan both traditional paper texts, and onscreen texts. It reads out loud what the pen scans.

Read Aloud - Chrome Extension (Chrome Store) is a free Chrome extension offering text to speech.

TextAloud ( offers an affordable MS Windows only Text to Speech solution.

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DYNAREAD: Grounded in Reality

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Dynaread has been developed in the trenches of actual remediation, with our feet firmly planted on the ground. Scientific research is essential (and we consistently use it), but we also understand the realities at home and in school. Not all homes have two parents, not all Dad's or Mom's are always home, there is oftentimes no money, schools lack staff or funding. We listen, we observe, we discuss, and we build the best solutions we can for older (ages 7+) struggling readers.


KTJ International School students

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