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How to help my child capture the Value of Practice, Vision, and Reading

Keywords: Dyslexia, Reading Struggles, Vision, Practice, Motivation.

A question that is often asked to the team here at Dynaread is: "How do I help my child grasp the importance of learning to read?" This is a very good question and one which is not always easy to answer. We believe it starts with helping them internalize the concepts, or values, of Vision and Practice.

Instilling the Concept of Practice (makes Perfect)

First ask your child a series of questions to help them realize how our bodies and brains work in terms of mastering a skill. This will help them understand the Concept of Practice. Example...

Pick a few things you know they are good at. For example, if your child is good at drawing, you'll probably know which subjects he/she is good at drawing and which ones still need some practice. For my example, let's say your child is good at drawing portraits but they are still weak at drawing animals.

Ask them something like the following: "Do you remember when you were little how you drew portraits back then? You may still have examples of their drawings: If you do, show them. Then point out that today they are really good at it! What made you so good at it? (Answer will be, or should be: Practice). So if you would like to be just as good at drawing animals, what do you need to do? (Answer: Practise). Then pick another subject and do the same. Do this exercise a couple times throughout the day.

Note: Do not do this little exercise in the direct context of Dynaread. Do it when you're outside in the yard or in a park or field or really anywhere. Just don't do it in a school setting. Help your child to grasp the value of practice. But don't mention school or Dynaread just yet.

Instilling the Concept of Vision

Then later in the day, or the next day, do the same with the Concept of Vision. The concept of dreaming about achieving something and then going for it. Here you could use examples of history. How the pioneers had to press on, dream on and work on because they so desperately wanted a homestead and a new and better life for their families. Or pick a topic in a field your child loves. Imagine they love baseball. Find and talk about a biography of a baseball player and their journey to success, or watch a family movie together (on baseball e.g. the movie "The Rookie"). Help them understand what Vision is and how it can drive them.

Instilling the Concept of the Value of Being Able to Read

Next, and again outside of school or Dynaread—in a natural way—try to help your child see the Value of Being Able to Read. Or as a negative, how difficult it would be not to be able to read: Signs in the city, instructions on a groceries box/package, a beautiful little book on drawing horses or on baseball (to stick with our examples), etc..

And then, on the following day pull it all together. How practice makes perfect, how vision helps people to keep pressing on towards their goals (practice, practice, practice), and how reading is so essential in life. Use some of your examples of the previous days to help tie the concept together.


#1. Start by picking a few things you know your child is good at and help them understand that they got good at it by practicing.

#2. Help your child understand the Concept of Vision. Do this by using examples of biographies or history.

#3. Show your child the value of reading by showing them the positives of being able to read and the negatives of not being able to read.

#4. And finally wrap it up by tying all three concepts together.

Please remember that we are here to help you every step of the way. If you have a specific motivation question or a question on a completely different topic, please ask us. Our email is

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