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Effective dyslexia remediation specifically designed for older struggling readers (age 7+).

dynaread's online dyslexia reading intevention at work

The features of Dynaread's school dyslexia reading intervention curriculum

Time-efficient and child-friendly online dyslexia tests, reviewed by our experts.

A. dyslexia test should preceed appropriate reading intevention. Here a screenshot of one of the test result components.You do not have what you train: You have what you inspect. Our test was developed in-house, using proven dyslexia testing concepts. It screens Working Memory function, Lexical or Fast Route reading, Phonological Decoding skills, and Comprehension. The result is an extremely easy to use screening tool, which children experience as honoring and respectful. Administration of the test requires no prior training. Each assessment is carefully reviewed by one of our specialist resident academics, who then reports back to your staff member.

Our school field experience is in line with the broader experience within the International Dyslexia Association: Significant numbers of students pass through the initial grades whilst still functionally illiterate or very marginally literate. Failure to address dyslexia is profoundly dangerous (click link and scroll down to "Dyslexia - Vulnerabilities") for your students, and costly for your institution. Our online assessment tool enables your staff to comfortably scan more children: powerfully opening the door to cost- and time-effective remediation. Benefitting both your students' and your organization's performance.

High levels of self-efficacy: Boosting student results and increasing your capacity without raising staff costs.

Diagram illustrating the negative spiral induced by lack of fluency. Struggling readers typically suffer from eroded intrinsic motivation and profound lack self-efficacy in reading. These issues typically result in a negative spiral depicted by this diagram.

Dynaread is specifically developed to turn this spiral around. Our language-based reading intervention (see next section below) is build around interesting readers at par with your student's verbal language skills. Following the initial sessions, your students will be able to work with most Dynaread modules on their own - even at home. This enables your remediation staff to responsibly work with more students within allocated hours, without raising workload.

Language-based reading intervention.

Screen shot of Dynaread readers.Dynaread is specifically designed to help older students (age 7+) in need of reading help. Our approach offers valueable benefits for older students in need of reading help. Using the latest findings in the fields of reading science and cognitive neuroscience Dynaread teaches students to read through reading. Dynaread is solidly language-based. Each lesson prepares students to read real, intelligent, non-fictional texts sufficiently fluently and accurately to allow comprehension. With Dynaread, students learn to read through reading. Below is an example of a typical Dynaread reader text, fairly early on in the syllabus.

"In the last lesson we learned a great deal about rivers and how rivers benefit plants and animals as well as people. We talked about how in early history when people settled in a new area they wanted to build their town near a river. Living near a river helped to make farming easy and gave people water to drink. The river was also used as a means of transportation."

Modular program

Dynaread lessons image.The online lessons are broken up into eight manageable segments lasting three to four minutes each. We recommend one to two sessions a day: ideally two, with one e.g. performed at home. Each session lasts 20 minutes. After the first two weeks, students know their way around the modules and can work fairly independently resulting in increased levels of student self-efficacy. Your organization will enjoy increased special needs capacity, without raising costs or staff work load.

Adaptive program

Artificial intelligence image.Dynaread incorporates Artificial Intelligence: It's a dynamic program that automatically adapts to student performance and progress. This assures that students ride the wave of maximum attainable progress with the highest possible experience of success.

When your staff shares or our dyslexia tests reveal potential additional complications, we have the means to implement further customizations to the reading intervention program in order to better serve the student.

Customizable to meet special needs of learning disabilities

Learning disabilities image.Besides the aforementioned Artificial Intelligence which fluently adapts the program to student performance, Dynaread offers additional deeper level customization options. These allow the program to be used by students with comorbidities with dyslexia. Our custimizations are state-of-the-art and our most recent component is a patented first in adaptive online education. These deatures combined means less student left behind in reading, which also increases your overall school performance.

Circumnavigating phonics

Using the latest findings in the fields of reading science and cognitive neuroscience we get students reading. The brain uses two routes in reading: a Fast Route or lexical route for fluent reading and a Slow Route for sounding out new words.

DynareadFour out of five Dyslexia subtypes show reduced functioning of the Slow Route system. Yet, most of these children do possess a fully functional Fast Route reading system. Dynaread cashes in on this and fills your students' Fast Route system in 195 lessons with 3,600 words (approx. 18 months). New words are consistently introduced accurately (accurate spelling/orthography and pronunciation) and exercised in contextually, semantically and syntactically correct fashion. Dynaread also includes a direct phonics instruction module (see further below).

Interesting non-fictional readers

Dynaread lessons comprise of interesting non-fictional readers at par with students' verbal language skills (for an example text, see the cursive paragraph earlier in this article). Students experience these readers as honoring and respectful. They know that sentences like "the cat sat on the mat" belong to five-year olds, not them. Such language is humiliating and degrading, embarrassing even.

Sequentially expanding reading vocabulary

ReadingDynaread lessons build a sequentially expanding reading vocabulary. Each new lesson introduces a maximum of 24 new words. Authoring engaging and honoring lesson texts form our starting point. Our patented model extracts these new words and - using an array of techniques from Cognitive Neuroscience - allow students to effectively drill these into their Fast Route reading system. Approximately 95% of our students require three short sessions (typically spread over two days) to master these words. When evidenced, they are presented the reader text. This is when the light goes on. They find themselves reading meaningful text sufficiently fluently and accurately. Not only that: They actually get something out of it, as their fluency and accuracy delivers proper comprehension.

The actual reading of sound intelligent texts ascertains contextual, semantical and syntactical anchoring of all new words in their Lexical or Fast Route reading system.

Direct phonics instruction

Phonics module screen shot.As a student's attitude towards reading changes for the better, we introduce direct remediation of the Slow Route reading system. The Phonics-module trains your child on all common grapheme-phoneme conversions in the English language.

Print Module offers Flexibility

The Print-module allows students to print-out completed readers. Children experience this accumulation of print-outs as rewarding. They gradually build up a binder full of readers that they can fluently read and comprehend. This binder offers the added value of allowing vacation breaks in the program, without loss of skills. As long as the student keeps on re-reading these readers, all words mastered remain readily available in their Fast Route reading system. Following vacation, the child can simply proceed directly with the next lesson.

Collage depicting Core Values

quote-sign Our Dynaread team members are required to hold themselves accountable for serving our clients in adherence with our core values...

Contribute with scientific and overall integrity.
Retain the focus on the needs of each individual child.

DYNAREAD: Grounded in Reality

Photo of a soldier and his family.

Dynaread has been developed in the trenches of actual remediation, with our feet firmly planted on the ground. Scientific research is essential (and we consistently use it), but we also understand the realities at home and in school. Not all homes have two parents, not all Dad's or Mom's are always home, there is oftentimes no money, schools lack staff or funding. We listen, we observe, we discuss, and we build the best solutions we can for older (ages 7+) struggling readers.

Photo showing holding hands: Helping Children Together.